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SAP Note 1682316 - How to redesign RFC interface authorizations risk-free using automation tools Join Xiting America CEO Alessandro Banzer for an upcoming webinar in which he will demonstrate how SAP customers can quickly redesign the roles and authorizations of RFC interfaces using automation tools from Xiting, such as the one recommended in SAP Note 1682316.

By attending the webinar, attendees will:
- Learn what the risks and challenges of authorizing RFC interfaces are
- Understand why some SAP customers shy away from redesigning RFC interfaces
- Learn how to redesign RFC interfaces risk-free
- Discover what is UCON, and how it compares to authorizations
- Discover how other SAP customers have optimized RFC interfaces in their SAP landscapes.
May 9, 20191:00pm EDT1 hour

Previously held webinars are available as recordings on our On-Demand Webinars page.