Executive Leadership – Americas

Alessandro Banzer
Chief Executive Officer
Areas of expertise
SAP Access Control (GRC), SAP Security, Project Management

About Alessandro
Alessandro Banzer has worked in Information Technology since 2004, specializing in SAP in 2009. Since then, Alessandro has been involved with global SAP projects in various roles. Alessandro is an active contributor and moderator in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space on SAP Community. He holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Information Technology and is currently completing his Executive Master of Business Administration in London, UK.

Personal Statement
“Xiting’s strategy and technology offerings have always been defined by the needs of our clients. We focus on developing and establishing a culture of dedication and service to our customers so that we can deliver what we’ve promised and we promise only what we can deliver.”

Michael Kummer
Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Areas of expertise
SAP Security, Single Sign On, Data Encryption

About Michael
Michael Kummer is spearheading Xiting’s sales and marketing activities in the Americas. Before taking over this responsibility, he held various leadership positions at Secude IT Security in Europe and North America. Michael Kummer has enjoyed a decade-long history within the IT industry, focusing on SAP security. As an innovative and independent thinker with a broad knowledge of security-related technologies, he is on the front lines of helping customers to protect their data and privacy.

Board of Directors

Patrick Bockel
Chairman, CEO Xiting AG
Area of expertise
SAP Security

About Patrick
Patrick Bockel has been working with SAP since 1998. Starting with his early experiences of upgrading SAP installations and carrying out migrations and performance tuning, he has acquired a vast technical understanding which he continues to pass on in his role as SAP trainer. His work since 2003 has mainly focused on SAP Security, and has included managing IDM and GRC projects, performing SAP security tests, reimplementing SAP authorizations and supporting major clients with redesigns. He has been in charge of Xiting and its management since the company was founded.

Personal Statement
“Xiting stands for high quality and efficiency in the field of SAP Security. The key pillars of our philosophy are quality, trust and transparency, which form the basis for successful and long-term customer relations.”

Martin Trachsel
Director, SAP Consulting
Areas of expertise
Project Management, SAP GRC Access Control, SAP Security

About Martin
Martin Trachsel has been working with SAP since 1999. His first experiences were as a user, which helps him to provide customers with the best possible business advice, and his knowledge is also vital for the successful implementation of SAP GRC Access Control and SAP Authorization Concepts. As an IT analyst specializing in economics and project management, he is able to support customers with the initialization and implementation of security projects.

Personal Statement
“We always tailor our solutions to every single one of our customers’ needs, and we consistently pursue the goal of finding a pragmatic and efficient solution together. Our range of Xiting products means that this is always possible.”

Julius von dem Bussche
Director, SAP Security
Areas of expertise
Application, Architecture and Development Security

About Julius
Julius von dem Bussche has worked with IT applications since he was young, specializing in SAP software back in 1997. His extensive knowledge and pragmatic approach mean that he is highly respected in the SAP Security community, and are also evident in the applications offered by Xiting in its products. His role as development leader means that he is best placed to offer customers the best possible SAP Security solution. His knowledge of SAP projects and direct contact with customers ensure that our applications are constantly moving towards the next innovation.

Personal Statement
“The most important aspects of SAP Security are stability, sustainability, and innovative ideas. These are the foundations not only for my own work and the work of my development team, but also for every new Xiting product which is developed and every piece of advice we offer our customers.”

Bernd Franzmann
Director, SAP Service
Areas of expertise
SAP NetWever IDM, SAP Basics, ITIL

About Bernd
Bernd Franzmann has worked with SAP since 1998, starting as an ABAP programmer and later moving into the field of SAP Basics, knowledge of which is now an essential prerequisite for successful implementation of SAP IDM projects. As an IT analyst specializing in SAP IDM and SAP Basics, he can also support customers with concepts, landscape designs and the implementation of SAP Identity Management projects.

Personal Statement
“The system landscapes you find at customers vary and are often heterogeneous, which is why it’s important not to lose sight of the big picture and to find optimal solutions for customers that can be added to the landscape without creating silo solutions.”

Volker Deneke
Director, SAP Operations
Areas of expertise
Sap Solution Manager, Run SAP like a Factory

About Volker
Volker Deneke has been working with SAP since 1998 as a Technical Solution Architect and Run SAP Program Manager. He advises customers internationally on the implementation of SAP Solution Manager scenarios, for example ITSM, E2E Operations, Test Management, Change Request Management (Charm) and Business Process Monitoring, and is a trainer for various Solution Manager and E2E courses.

Personal Statement
“Xiting is synonymous with high quality and efficiency in the implementation of End-to-End Solution Operations.”

Daniel Kindermann
Director SAP Training
Areas of expertise
SAP ABAP/Java Administration, SAP Security

About Daniel
Daniel Kindermann has specialized in SAP Basis Administration since 2000 and has been an expert speaker for SAP Education in the fields of SAP Administration/SAP Security since 2004, having successfully trained participants from all over Europe. He also provides consultancy services to customers in all the relevant SAP Basis fields, with a focus on SAP Security. His diverse skill set also includes Java and portal authorization administration.

Personal Statement
“Xiting has worked together closely with SAP Education for many years. Because of this, our consultants are always up to date with the latest products and solutions, and this directly benefits our customers.”