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This article compares three different SAP role design concepts and explains the pros and cons of each approach. These are single roles, composite roles, and enabler role concepts. Each of the concepts can either follow a task- or job-based approach to authorizing end-users. We base our recommendations on a decade-long experience with…(Read More)

The first part of the blog, explains how SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (IDM) centrally manages and provisions On-Premise and Cloud Systems using SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Service (Identity Service) and SAP Cloud Identity Provisioning Service (Identity Provisioning Service). This part of the blog explains the installation of the scenario where IDM utilizes Identity Service…(Read More)

Welcome to the SAP Security Challenge by Xiting. How much do you know about SAP Security? Do you know what you don’t know? To help you identify those areas, Xiting has launched the SAP Security Challenge with a monthly quiz to test your knowledge. Stay tuned and follow our blog to broaden your skillset…(Read More)