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Welcome to the SAP Security Challenge by Xiting. How much do you know about SAP Security? Do you know what you don’t know? To help you identify those areas, Xiting has launched the SAP Security Challenge with a monthly quiz to test your knowledge. Stay tuned and follow our blog to broaden your skillset…(Read More)

This article compares three different SAP role design concepts and explains the pros and cons of each approach. These are single roles, composite roles, and enabler role concepts. Each of the concepts can either follow a task- or job-based approach to authorizing end-users. We base our recommendations on a decade-long experience with…(Read More)

In the previous articles about the migration to S/4HANA, we talked about the changes in transactions and the difficulties that come with them. One more of a general problem is the question “Where do I start?” No matter if you just want to see what changes might have to be done to your roles…(Read More)

The first two blogs dealt with fields which you should and respectively should not maintain as SU24 proposals for roles. The example of SAP standard organizational level fields is already dealt with in blog 2 to introduce fields which you should not maintain in SU24, but that is because you should maintain them in the…(Read More)

There are fields of objects which uniquely belong to applications which are dealt with in the 1st blog of the series. The complete opposite exists as well for fields that have no place in SU24 proposals. They are role specific, or SU24 proposals are an overkill of maintenance. Related content: Which fields should be maintained…(Read More)

Introduction to the blog series When creating a role in PFCG and adding objects to the menu, the authorizations maintenance will automatically merge authorization proposals from transaction SU24 into the role. How accurate and complete these proposals are, depends on maintaining accurate and complete SU24 proposals. Strong maintenance results in robust roles for the end…(Read More)

Optimizing SU24 helps you to increase the robustness of your SAP roles, reduce the risks caused by manual or changed authorizations in your roles and identify the challenges involved in a role redesign project. Learn more about our SU24 optimization service SU24 – authorization default data The SU24 transaction allows you to control the default…(Read More)