SAP Security Challenge – May 2018


SAP Security Challenge - May 2018

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The user is on a different application server and you, therefore, do not see his failed authorization checks in SU53 and you want to switch to the same application server. How do you proceed?

In which table can you see which tables are contained in a table group?

Which parameter defines the minimum number of characters that must be different in the new password compared to the old password?

In which transaction can you search the content of a transport request for a particular role?

You want to schedule a background job under the name of the technical user ZXITING. What authorizations do you need for this?

You maintain the ACTVT 03 in the context of the FB03 in SU24. What kind of transport will you use to transport those changes?

Through which transaction can you adjust the settings in a CUA landscape so that local password changes are possible?

As of SAP Basis 7.50 SP03, what events can you log with the Security Audit Log (SAL)? (select all that apply)

In which table can you generally change messages from errors to warnings for specific users but not for others?

In the role authorizations in PFCG, what does the red light indicate?

Alessandro Banzer

Alessandro has worked in the field of IT since 2004, specializing in SAP in 2009 and working on global SAP projects in various roles since that date. Alessandro is an active contributor and moderator in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space on SAP SCN. Alessandro is in charge of Xiting's operations in the United States and a subject matter expert in SAP Access Control and SAP Security.