SAP Security Challenge – November 2018


SAP Security Challenge - November 2018

Complete our November Challenge and enter the draw to win a copy of the SAP System Security Guide. By completing the SAP Security Challenge, you agree to Xiting's Cookie and Privacy Policy.

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With reference users, do the assigned roles to the reference user append or replace the roles of the dialog user?
What's the release cycle of S/4HANA?
What types of application can be maintained in SU24? (select all that apply)
What's the recommended alternative to authorize generic table access instead of SE16 or other data browser transaction?
With parameter transactions for SE16/SM30, is it recommended to propose the table name or table authorization group through SU24 for S_TABU* objects?
Which transaction can be used to maintain SNC names for dialog user in batch mode?
With SNC, you can enforce SNC logon for your users. What scenarios are possible? (select all that apply)

Alessandro Banzer

Alessandro has worked in the field of IT since 2004, specializing in SAP in 2009 and working on global SAP projects in various roles since that date. Alessandro is an active contributor and moderator in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space on SAP SCN. Alessandro is in charge of Xiting's operations in the United States and a subject matter expert in SAP Access Control and SAP Security.