SAP Security Challenge – September 2018


SAP Security Challenge - September 2018

Complete our September Challenge and enter the draw to win a copy of the SAP System Security Guide. By completing the SAP Security Challenge, you agree to Xiting's Cookie and Privacy Policy.

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Which transactions are critical in a production system? (select all that apply)
What is the Fiori Launchpad Designer Used for? (select all that apply)
For Fiori, the OData start authorization on the Front-End Server and the OData access authorization on the Back-End Server can include SU24 authorization defaults?
Can Legacy Fiori Apps also have SU24 Authorization Defaults?

You have multiple development clients for building roles which all transport into the same target client. Which two tables should you maintain to prevent profile collisions? (select the two that apply)

When importing a role with a profile that collides with a different role having the same profile name, what happens?
If you maintain different personalizations in SU01 and PFCG, which one takes preference?
Which are the public functions in SAP which can be executed without a valid user or password?

Is it possible to delete user SAPCPIC?

Alessandro Banzer

Alessandro has worked in the field of IT since 2004, specializing in SAP in 2009 and working on global SAP projects in various roles since that date. Alessandro is an active contributor and moderator in the Governance, Risk and Compliance space on SAP SCN. Alessandro is in charge of Xiting's operations in the United States and a subject matter expert in SAP Access Control and SAP Security.