SAP Security Challenge

Try and beat me in the monthly SAP Security Challenge and enter a draw to win exciting prizes. Keep up with our latest blog posts and learn more about SAP Security.

What is the challenge about?

How much do you know about SAP Security? Do you know what you don't know? To help you identify those areas, Xiting has launched the SAP Security Challenge with a monthly quiz to test your knowledge. Stay tuned and follow our blog to broaden your skillset.

How does the challenge work?

We will publish a new quiz every first of the month, consisting of ten (10) questions. Participants can submit their answers anytime between the first and last day of the month and enter the draw to win the monthly prize. The winner will be announced on the first day of the following month via newsletter and on our blog.

SAP Security Challenge - July 2018

Complete our July Challenge and enter the draw to win a copy of the SAP System Security Guide. By completing the SAP Security Challenge, you agree to Xiting's Cookie and Privacy Policy.

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What is the name of the newest SAP Security book that was co-authored by Xiting's Alessandro Banzer?
What is the name of the latest training course by SAP Education that talks about authorizations in S/4HANA?
What is the difference between S/4HANA and Suite on HANA?
Where do you find the information on what Fiori applications are available to replace a transaction in the backend?
If you run FIORI on an embedded environment, whereas you have the front end and back end running on the same instance, do you still have to authorize the gateway services?
What is the best-practice approach when building end-user roles for Fiori?
In which table can you find the hash values for your services/components that are required in the S_START authorization?
What are the least authorizations that a user needs to execute the Fiori launchpad? (select all that apply)
What's the purpose of generating the hash values of services?
Do all Fiori applications have an associated ODATA service?

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