SAP Identity Management

Because of the variety of SAP applications and a large number of complex and heterogeneous IT system landscapes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to run their user administration on an efficient and cost-effective basis. SAP Identity Management makes it possible for you to manage master data centrally and automate processes. An important component of this optimization is the definition of business profiles, which allows authorizations to be assigned to various SAP and non-SAP systems.

Connecting SAP Access Control ensures adherence to the various compliance requirements (IKS, SOX, FDA) and guidelines for user administration and the allocation of SAP authorizations.

SAP and SAP Identity Management have become increasingly user-friendly over recent years, and improvements continue to be made with this goal in mind. Easy and self-explanatory self-service options mean that end users can now make use of these systems.

Our SAP Identity Management consultants have many years of experience in SAP Identity Management concepts and their implementation within complex IT system landscapes. We’ll be happy to help you find the best possible solution to ensure that user identification can be managed centrally, efficiently and sustainably for many years to come.