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Before SAP solutions can be implemented and securely operated in IT landscapes, properly functioning access regulations and control mechanisms must be established to protect business data in the SAP system. An authorization concept serves as a basis for the technical implementation of authorizations in the SAP system and incorporates general and legal standards (ICS, SOX, FDA, etc.) as well as company-specific rules to minimizing risks.

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SU24 Tips & Tricks – Fields you cannot maintain

Julius Bussche April 14, 2017

In previous blog articles, we discussed fields that you should and should not maintain as SU24 proposals for roles. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at fields that you cannot maintain in SU24 due to technical restraints…

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SU24 Tips & Tricks – Fields you should not maintain

Julius Bussche April 7, 2017

In contrast to application-specific fields, there are numerous object fields that you should not maintain in SU24 because they are specific to individual roles, or adding them to SU24 would significantly increase your maintenance effort. USORG Organizational fields The…

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SU24 Tips & Tricks – Fields you should maintain

Julius Bussche March 27, 2017

When you create a role in the profile generator (PFCG) and add objects via the role menu, the SAP system automatically merges authorization proposals from transaction SU24 into the role. How accurate and complete these proposals are, depends on how…

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