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Because of the variety of SAP applications and a large number of complex and heterogeneous IT system landscapes, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to run their user administration on an efficient and cost-effective basis. SAP Identity Management makes it possible for you to manage master data centrally and automate processes. An important component of this optimization is the definition of business profiles, which allows authorizations to be assigned to various SAP and non-SAP systems.

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SAP Fiori Xiting Starter Pack for SAP Identity Management

Fabian Honervogt August 30, 2018

Historically, many customers have a strong need for action concerning a simple and intuitive user interface for SAP Identity Management (IDM), as the IDM’s standard user interface is not satisfying and is not user-friendly. For this reason, we…

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Setting up SAP NW IDM, SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Service and SAP Cloud Identity Provisioning Service to integrate the Identity Lifecycle Management into a hybrid system landscape – Part 2

Fabian Honervogt November 7, 2017

The first part of the blog, explains how SAP NetWeaver Identity Management (IDM) centrally manages and provisions On-Premise and Cloud Systems using SAP Cloud Identity Authentication Service (Identity Service) and SAP Cloud Identity Provisioning Service (Identity Provisioning Service). This…

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Understanding SAP GRC IDM Integration

Johannes Kastner April 4, 2017

As mentioned previously in our blog CIRM: Compliant Identity and Role Management in Practice, you can integrate your SAP Access Control (GRC) and SAP Identity Management (IDM) to leverage its functionalities. In this blog, I would like to give you…

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SAP Identity Management meets SAP Fiori

Fabian Honervogt March 30, 2017

Everybody who knows the old SAP Identity Management Web DynPro user interface knows how unattractive it is. Therefore, some of our customers requested a nicer, modern and user-friendlier UI. As a result, we had to develop something new for…

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