Emergency User Service

Escalated system access is vital in order for a user to provide assistance beyond their normal job function and for different departments to be supported effectively. An emergency user concept allows the controlled and transparent management of emergency users and documentation by basing the entire process on emergency user allocation and meeting all internal and external audit requirements.

Emergency User management

With the help of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), emergency authorizations can easily be allocated via a “backpack” to the end user as shown in the following diagram. This ensures that the end user has the critical authorizations required for a temporary period, but can still keep working with his own user context.

This principle ensures control and transparency for users performing risky system support activities.


XAMS is implemented and configured by our consultants and helps you to provide extended authorizations efficiently and securely in the event of an emergency.

Benefits at a glance 

  • Implementation of an Emergency User Concept with an audit trail which complies with revision standards
  • Highly critical activities (service and support) are performed according to compliance guidelines
  • Extensive and transparent audit controls
  • Administrators save time and other resources thanks to the automated allocation of emergency authorizations
  • Use of emergency authorizations is always feasible with own user identification and ensures transparency during emergency activities

Our service

Establishment of an Emergency User concept

  • Analysis and assessment of the system in question
  • Extensive description of a solution and design of process operations
  • Description of the administrative and preliminary measures required
  • Definition of emergency users and allocations
  • Determination and description of recording and monitoring in ICS

Implementation and performance of concept

  • Preparation in the SAP system and implementation of XAMS
  • Creation of emergency users and their roles
  • Execution of the customizing settings required
  • Administrative allocation and recording of emergency users

Final tasks

  • Creation of brief instructions for end users and administrators
  • Performance and implementation of the Emergency User Concept with the help of XAMS
  • Creation of a final report and hand-over