SAP Security Monitoring

Our consultants implement a best-practice configuration for the Security Audit Log to record critical activities in the system and report them by email. The Security Audit Log (SAL) is an important aspect of SAP security concepts, which makes it possible to record and evaluate critical and security-relevant activities in SAP systems. In many cases, however, too much information is documented, which can lead to high data volumes and an explosion of confusing information.

SAP security monitoring

We can implement our best-practice SAL configuration in your SAP systems. Our configuration is based on practical experience, recommendations from the SAP Community and DSAG testing guidelines on the recording of critical and security-relevant activities. It also offers options for emailing records to managers if significant events are identified.  This means that you can keep track of all the relevant procedures in your SAP systems as well as be informed immediately of critical activities such as registration attempts by SAP standard users or critical RFC function calls.

Benefits at a glance

  • Best-practice configuration of the Security Audit Log
  • Optimal configuration of the filter settings in the Security Audit Log
  • Administrators save time and other resources
  • Optional: automatic monitoring and notification by email

Our service

Implementation of the Security Audit Logs

  • Analysis und description of the existing system configuration
  • Clarification and preparation of measures  for usage of the Security Audit Logs
  • Definition of general system parameters
  • Coordination of the filter configuration on the customer system
  • Implementation of the configuration in the system

Optional: Configuration of email notifications

  • Activation of the email function for all occurrences in the Security Audit Log
  • Customizing of notifications according to customer requirements

Final tasks

  • Creation of brief instructions for end users and administrators
  • Creation of  a final report and handover