Featured workshops and courses

Xiting Workshops

  • WNAADA/WDEADA, Advanced SAP Authorizations
  • WNAXIT/WCHXIT, Authorizations Made Easy with Expert Tools
  • WNASSO/WDESSO, SAP Single Sign-On 3.0

Overview courses

  • SAPNW, SAP NetWeaver – An overview
  • SAPEP, SAP NetWeaver Portal basics
  • WCHSLA, SAP System Landscape Architecture
  • WDEIDM, SAP Netweaver Identity Management

SAP Basis course

  • SAPTEC, Basics of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • ADM100, Administration AS ABAP I
  • ADM102, Administration AS ABAP II
  • ADM110, Installation SAP ECC 6.0
  • ADM315, Workload Analysation AS ABAP
  • ADM325, Software Logistics AS ABAP
  • ADM328, EHP Installation and Upgrade
  • ADM505, Database Administration Oracle I
  • ADM506, Database Administration Oracle II
  • ADM535, Database Administration DB2 UDB (UNIX and Windows)
  • ADM800, Administration AS Java
  • BW360, Business Warehouse Performance and Administration

Security and Authorization Courses

  • ADM940, Authorization Concept AS ABAP
  • ADM950, Secure SAP System Management
  • ADM960, Security in SAP System Environments
  • GRC300, SAP Business Object Access Control 10.0 – Implementation and Configuration
  • GRC330, SAP Business Objects Process Control 10.0
  • WCHXIT, Authorisation concepts made easy with Expert tools
  • WNAADA/WDEADA, Advanced SAP Authorizations

Certification Courses

  • TADM10 (I,II), SAP NetWeaver AS Implementation and Operation I, II
  • TADM12 (I,II), SAP NetWeaver AS Implementation and Operation I, II
  • TADM51, SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation (Oracle)
  • TADM70, SAP-System: Operation system and Database Migration
  • TADM56, SAP Netweaver – SAP Web AS DB Operation (DB2 LUW)

End-to-End Courses

  • E2E040, RunSAP – End-to-End Solution Operations
  • E2E100, E2E Root Cause Analysis
  • E2E120, Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
  • E2E200, E2E Change Control Management
  • E2E300, E2E Solution Support – Business Process Integration and Automation Management
  • E2E400, E2E Technical Upgrade Management
  • E2E500, Customer Code Management
  • TE2E04, RunSAP – End-to-End Solution Operations

NetWeaver Portal Courses

  • EP200, SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
  • EP300, Configuration of Knowledge Management
  • TEP10 (I,II) Implementation and Operation of SAP NetWeaver Portal I, II

Solution Manager Courses

  • SM100, SAP Solution Manager Operations and Configuration
  • SM200, Change Request Management and Service Desk – Configuration
  • SM300, Business Process & Interface Monitoring