SU24 Optimization

Our SU24 Service can help you to increase the security of your SAP roles, reduce the risks due to manual or changed authorizations in your roles and to identify the challenges involved in a role redesign project.

Maintenance system for authorization default data

The SU24 transaction allows you to control the default values for authorization objects in the system, making it possible to easily maintain proposed values for authorization objects about SAP and custom transactions, which are then automatically inserted and standardized into the authorization profile when the associated transaction code is added to the role menu. This interaction means that SU24 serves as a basis for secure and efficient role creation, and is, therefore, is one of the most important SAP Security transactions. The use and maintenance of SU24 are recommended as a fundamental SAP best practice to ensure the sustainable and clean administration of authorizations.

SU24 Optimization

Following a SAP best-practice approach, our consultants will efficiently maintain and optimize your SU24 with the help of our Xiting Authorization Management Suite (XAMS).

Benefits at a glance

  • Significantly reduced maintenance when creating and managing SAP roles thanks to optimized authorization default data.
  • Increased security and maintenance of compliance guidelines thanks to correct restrictions in the SU24 default data.
  • Avoidance of manually inserted authorization objects as risk factors for “copycat” authorizations, which do not have a transaction context and whose initial utilization is no longer replicable.
  • Adaptation and correction of incorrect SAP standard default data

Our service

Preparation and analysis of current SU24 data

  • Analysis of the SAP system and implementation of XAMS
  • Analysis and description of SU24 and the general status of roles
  • Evaluation of transactions used over several months and definition of SU24 optimization scope

Maintenance and optimization of SU24

  • Maintenance and optimization of SU24 with the help of Role Profiler using predefined rules and empirical values
  • Restriction of existing and critical proposed SU24 default data

Final tasks

  • Simulated mixing of roles with SU24 using the tool Xiting Role Profiler
  • Transport of SU24 information in the system landscape
  • Creation of a final report and handover