SAP professionals have long realized the importance of continuous education in this rapidly changing world. That’s why SAP Education Switzerland and Xiting have teamed up to create and deliver specialized training courses and workshops.

In 2017 our partnership with SAP Education in Europe has expanded to the United States, and we are proud to announce the immediate availability of one of the most successful courses in SAP Security: Advanced SAP Authorizations (WNAADA).

Featured workshops and courses

Xiting Workshops

  • WNAADA/WDEADA, Advanced SAP Authorizations
  • WNAXIT/WCHXIT, Authorizations Made Easy with Expert Tools
  • WNASSO/WDESSO, SAP Single Sign-On 3.0

Overview courses

  • SAPNW, SAP NetWeaver – An overview
  • SAPEP, SAP NetWeaver Portal basics
  • WCHSLA, SAP System Landscape Architecture
  • WDEIDM, SAP Netweaver Identity Management

SAP Basis course

  • SAPTEC, Basics of SAP NetWeaver Application Server
  • ADM100, Administration AS ABAP I
  • ADM102, Administration AS ABAP II
  • ADM110, Installation SAP ECC 6.0
  • ADM315, Workload Analysation AS ABAP
  • ADM325, Software Logistics AS ABAP
  • ADM328, EHP Installation and Upgrade
  • ADM505, Database Administration Oracle I
  • ADM506, Database Administration Oracle II
  • ADM535, Database Administration DB2 UDB (UNIX and Windows)
  • ADM800, Administration AS Java
  • BW360, Business Warehouse Performance and Administration

Security and Authorization Courses

  • ADM940, Authorization Concept AS ABAP
  • ADM950, Secure SAP System Management
  • ADM960, Security in SAP System Environments
  • GRC300, SAP Business Object Access Control 10.0 – Implementation and Configuration
  • GRC330, SAP Business Objects Process Control 10.0
  • WCHXIT, Authorisation concepts made easy with Expert tools
  • WNAADA/WDEADA, Advanced SAP Authorizations

Certification Courses

  • TADM10 (I,II), SAP NetWeaver AS Implementation and Operation I, II
  • TADM12 (I,II), SAP NetWeaver AS Implementation and Operation I, II
  • TADM51, SAP NetWeaver AS DB Operation (Oracle)
  • TADM70, SAP-System: Operation system and Database Migration
  • TADM56, SAP Netweaver – SAP Web AS DB Operation (DB2 LUW)

End-to-End Courses

  • E2E040, RunSAP – End-to-End Solution Operations
  • E2E100, E2E Root Cause Analysis
  • E2E120, Technical Monitoring in SAP Solution Manager
  • E2E200, E2E Change Control Management
  • E2E300, E2E Solution Support – Business Process Integration and Automation Management
  • E2E400, E2E Technical Upgrade Management
  • E2E500, Customer Code Management
  • TE2E04, RunSAP – End-to-End Solution Operations

NetWeaver Portal Courses

  • EP200, SAP NetWeaver Portal System Administration
  • EP300, Configuration of Knowledge Management
  • TEP10 (I,II) Implementation and Operation of SAP NetWeaver Portal I, II

Solution Manager Courses

  • SM100, SAP Solution Manager Operations and Configuration
  • SM200, Change Request Management and Service Desk – Configuration
  • SM300, Business Process & Interface Monitoring

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