Automate Role Testing

Testing new roles or changes to existing roles is time-consuming and expensive because it requires the involvement of various stakeholders within your organization.

As part of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS), Xiting has developed a unique solution that virtually eliminates the need for the traditional role or user acceptance testing (UAT).

Productive Test Simulation (PTS)

The Productive Test Simulation enables role administrators to simulate new or changed roles in production based on real user activity but without having to change role assignments and thus without negatively impacting the user.

Automatic Role Building

During traditional UAT phases, testers often have to wait for role administrators to add to roles any missing authorizations that they encounter during testing. The XAMS can automate that process by dynamically creating and assigning delta roles with missing and whitelisted authorizations anytime the tester triggers a failed authority check.

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