Expedite SAP S/4HANA Migration

SAP S/4HANA introduces an entirely new data model. As a result, role administrators will have to update the existing role concept, including authorizations. Analyzing and updating old roles is a time-intensive process that consumes valuable project resources. SAP has documented many but not all required changes associated with new and obsolete transaction codes in an extensive document called the Simplification List.

Turbo-charge your Migration!

Xiting has developed a solution, the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) that can expedite the migration of roles and authorizations to SAP S/4HANA by 75%, compared to a manual approach.

Instant Migration of Roles to S/4HANA

By leveraging the latest Simplification list, plus any additional undocumented simplifications, the XAMS enables project stakeholders to automate the migration of existing roles and authorizations to SAP S/4HANA.

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