License Analysis

SAP has recently announced changes to how the company measures and classifies user licenses. In the past, SAP determined the license category (i.e., Developer or Professional), based on a usage audit. In other words, a user licensed in the Professional tier could be authorized for transaction SE38, without requiring a reclassification as a Developer, as long as the user did not use SE38. As a result, until now, over-authorizing end-users in SAP may have had negative implications from a security perspective, but at least it did not impact how much license fees you had to pay to SAP.

How your role design will impact your SAP license fees

Going forward, SAP is going to stop measuring licenses based on usage! Instead, SAP will exclusively measure based on your users’ authorizations. In other words, if you assign SE38 to a Professional user has, you will change the user’s licensing classification to Developer! Additionally, the new licensing mechanism will impact customers beyond the level of transactions. It will also make a difference if a user is authorized for DISPLAY or CHANGE access, even within the same transaction.

How Xiting Can Help

Xiting has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help you to identify over-authorized users and quickly design new and better-fitting roles. Additionally, Xiting’s virtual role cockpit, the Xiting Role Designer, alerts you if the changes you make to your role concept or individual roles impact the way your users are currently licensed. As a result, Xiting's solutions enable you to streamline and optimize the way your users are licensed while making sure future role redesign projects do not result in increased license costs.

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