Reduce the Risk During Go-Live

Missing authorizations constitute a significant risk-factor during go-live after a role redesign project and often result in frustrated end-users, reduced productivity and additional helpdesk tickets. That is one of the reasons why many companies shy away from tackling necessary role remediation projects and rather live with the inherent risk that comes with over-authorized users.

Xiting Times

Xiting has developed a solution called Protected Go-Live, which is a core part of the Xiting Times modules. With Protected Go-Live, security administrators can enable end-users to temporarily get their old roles back if they run into an issue with their new roles during Go-live. Stakeholders can build customized workflows around those temporary assignments, including various approval processes and, of course, all actions taken are logged in an audit-compliant fashion. For end-users the process is simple and painless as the request for their old roles can be done using a simple self-service transaction.

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