How To Protect Your Systems Against Cyber Crime with SAP Enterprise Threat Detection

Mar 10, 20202:00pm EDT1 hour
Attacks on SAP ERP systems are continually increasing. The download of sensitive company data during a cyber-attack or the transfer of money is often only noticed after an attack happened, which is too late.

How can you observe such attacks in real-time and introduce countermeasures before it is too late? The solution to this problem is called SAP Enterprise Threat Detection (ETD).

In this Xiting webinar, we will present lean and efficient use cases for SAP ETD that you can apply yo improve the security of your company data.

We will also provide answers to essential questions, such as how you can rapidly implement ETD with the help of starter-pack scenarios and predefined attack detection patterns.

During a live demo, we are going to show you can monitor security vulnerabilities in your SAP System and detect attacks.