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Simplify ABAP development and improve code quality.

The challenge of writing secure ABAP code

As an ABAP developer, you are likely aware of that there is sometimes a gap between writing good and functional ABAP code and knowing what authority checks to add to protect, for example, the underlying database tables.

Additionally, there is no easy way to find out if it is necessary to write custom code to fulfill a specific requirement, or if SAP already provides thoroughly tested function modules or BAPIs that you can reuse.

How Xiting helps ABAP developers

Xiting has developed the ABAP Alchemist, a solution that helps ABAP developers write better and more secure code. ABAP Alchemist integrates with the SAP transporting mechanism to scan custom code based on a large variety of patterns, including missing authority checks. If ABAP Alchemist detects a missing authority check, it can propose the check you should include and make sure you have the proper proposals in SU24.

Additionally, ABAP Alchemist comes with an API finder that lets you conveniently find existing (standard) ABAP code that you can reuse, instead of writing new code.

How may we help you?

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