Business Team Leader

Improve your team’s productivity by virtually eliminating their involvement in role testing and design.

Challenges of business users

Business users who interact with SAP applications often feel the negative impact of role remediation projects. That is because SAP security administrators rely on input from business users when creating or changing roles that correctly authorize users and their business processes. Unfortunately, that requirement places ordinary users and their team leaders between a rock and a hard spot. If they do not get involved in the role creation and testing process, they may risk ending up with insufficient authorizations to get their job done.

On the other hand, getting involved takes time away from their day-to-day job and thus decreases their productivity.

How Xiting can help

Xiting has developed unique solutions that virtually eliminates the need for SAP security administrators to involve business users in role creation and testing. By leveraging statistical trace data and the decade-long experience of the Xiting team, role creation is easier than ever.

Moreover, by leveraging Xiting's Productive Test Simulation (PTS), role administrators can test and simulate new roles or role changes in production, without negatively impacting the end-user!

How may we help you?

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