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Changes to How SAP Measures Licenses

Until recently, SAP measured user licenses in your ECC system based on the transactions your users executed. In other words, usage determined the license tier a user would fall into, regardless of what the user was authorized for via his or her roles.

Going forward, SAP will no longer take usage into account for determining the license required for your end-users. Instead, SAP will only look at authorizations objects for license measurement. As a result, your current roles, as well as any future role redesign, can directly impact what license fees you pay to SAP.

The impact of GDPR on your SAP role concept

Your SAP system stores a vast amount of data, including data that according to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) guidelines of the European Union must be protected from unauthorized use. That data includes personal data such as first- and last name, date of birth, addresses, social security numbers, etc. According to GDPR, organizations must protect such information.

How Xiting can help

The latest release of the Xiting Authorizations Management Suite (XAMS) takes SAP’s new licensing rules into account, helping you and your role administrators to immediately see how changes to roles and role assignment impact your license management.

Additionally, the XAMS helps you to safely, quickly and efficiently redesign the roles and authorizations of dialog and RFC users by eliminating most of the time-consuming tasks and significantly improving your chances to comply with GDPR.

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