SAP Auditor

Automate and simplify SAP Security audits.

Challenges auditors face

As an SAP Auditor, your job is to analyze if your (client's) SAP systems fully comply with internal policies, as well as with laws and regulations. An SAP security audit is often time-consuming and includes the extraction of massive amounts of data from SAP systems for further analysis. Once audit gaps have been identified, it is up to technical and functional resources to mitigate the findings before auditors can validate the fixes.

How Xiting can help you and the business

Xiting has developed Security Architect, a solution to help you automate and streamline SAP security audits while enabling the security team to continuously test SAP systems to ensure they remain in compliance with internal and external rules and regulations. Additionally, Security Architect delivers ready-to-use security concepts that Xiting has developed together with some of the leading auditing firms.

How may we help you?

Let's discuss how we can assist you with achieving your SAP security goals!