Xiting will be delivering the XAMS workshop for you and your team in the next couple of weeks. In order to prepare for the workshop, please read the information below carefully and complete the form.

Workshop Schedule

Typically, the workshop will run from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM with an hour for lunch. We’ll take breaks along the way as needed. The scheduled start and end times can be adjusted based on your needs. So just let us know if you would like to make any adjustments.

Training Agenda

Day 1 = Start of “Get Clean” Phase

  • Section 1 = Overview
  • Section 2 = Preparation and Analysis (Role Profiler)
  • Section 3 = Virtual Role Designing (Role Designer)
  • Section 4 = Own Developments Scan (ABAP Alchemist)

Day 2 = End of “Get Clean” Phase

  • Section 5 = Productive Test Simulation  (Xiting Times / Role Builder)
  • Section 6 = Cloning and Mass Processing Tools (Role Replicator)
  • Section 7 = Protected Go-Live (Xiting Times / Role Builder)

Day 3 = “Stay Clean” Phase & Additional Tools

  • Section 8 = Role Quality and Monitoring (Role Profiler)
  • Section 9 = Security Monitoring and Concept Generation (Security Architect)
  • Section 10 = Other Features and Tools